Holding Your Own High-End Disney Princess Surprise Birthday Party For Your Daughter

There's something about Disney princesses that capture the imagination of girls around the world. If your Disney-obsessed daughter is having a birthday soon and you really want to give her an incredible party, pull out all the stops by investing in this high-end Disney princess surprise birthday party.

Brainstorm The Most Popular Princesses To Include

Pay attention to the princesses your daughter talks about and take note of which ones she seems to relate to the most. In modern times, you're liable to find girls more attracted to Elsa from "Frozen" or even Pocahontas, but Cinderella and Snow White are still popular.

You can also pay attention to which of the movies she seems to watch the most often and the number of toys she owns of each princess. For example, if she owns no toys of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and never watches the movie, adding her to the party would be a pretty big bust.

Finding Suitable Actresses For The Party

Here comes the hard part: finding princesses willing to play the part. Go to local drama clubs and theaters in your area and get a list of available actresses. You should aim for actresses between 20-35, as they are likely to be a little too old to play a princess after 35. However, young-looking 40 year old women may be able to pull it off.

Obviously, you're going to want to find actresses that look as much like the princesses as possible. It doesn't have to be precise (try to match hair color, eye color, skin tone, and hairstyle), but if you invest in clothing that fits the actresses well and which matches their character you should be fine.

Holding The Princess Party

Several hours before the party, have your husband or another family member take your daughter out on a nice little birthday shopping trip. While she's gone, the actresses should show up, get dressed, and help you set up the birthday party decorations, including Disney-themed items. Play some Disney movies on the televisions of your home to bring the excitement to a high level.

Cook your daughter's favorite meal and bake a Disney princess birthday cake. Once she shows up, the princesses can jump out, shout surprise, and give your daughter a birthday party she'll never forget. Try to integrate fun princess-themed games into the event, including several princess outfits that your daughter and her friends can wear.

If you're having a hard time bringing together the loose ends of this party, call a professional high end birthday party entertainment company and ask for their help. They'll be able to help you pull off an incredible party without much effort on your part.

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