Should You Start Speed Painting As Entertainment?

If you are a visual artist (as a career or just a hobby) and have a side-gig, hobby, or career in entertainment, then you may be interested in speed painting as entertainment. Speed painting is the process of creating a physical or digital piece of art on a time limit, anywhere between 30 seconds to a few hours. If you are interested in speed painting, there are three things you should consider.

Your Art, In The Public

One of the most important parts of becoming a speed painter is the art itself. You don't necessarily need to have the highest amount of skill possible in order to start speed painting, nor to develop a dedicated audience, but you do need to be willing to learn how to draw, paint, or use other artistic mediums and how to perform these skills under pressure. Additionally, many people find it difficult to share their work with an audience on a regular basis. Even speed painting can be time-consuming to make and share, and the energy involved can be overwhelming if you are already entertaining your audience in other ways.

Your Computer

If you choose to make digital art, you need to make sure your computer and internet connection can handle the art you make. You will want an art program, something to set a timer (which can even be a phone, although you'll want to either keep it on screen or make sure your audience knows when it goes off), and a program to record the entire thing. This can be especially tough on your computer's processing power/your internet connection if you are attempting to stream this sort of thing live. If you aren't willing to use a lagging computer system or buy an upgraded system, then speed paints may not be up your alley.

Your Audience

Finally, you need to make sure that any audience you've developed is willing to watch and share your speed paints. Entertainers are in the business of making an audience satisfied with their work, typically in exchange for their time, views, and, therefore, ad space (although some are not in it for the possible earnings). If you haven't already developed an audience and speed paints are your first foray into the entertainment world, then you will want to see what kind of views speed paints of your style and subject earn. If the audience you could garner aren't up to your par, or your current audience doesn't want speed paints, then other forms of entertainment may be better for you.

Speed paints can be an effective way to develop an audience, provided you know what you're doing. You will need to know how to make the art you want to share, and have the computer system to share the speed paint. Finally, always make sure you can develop an audience with your work.

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If you are a visual artist (as a career or just a hobby) and have a side-gig, hobby, or career in entertainment, then you may be interested in speed p

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